What is the most downloaded app in 2019?

There are many apps to download but only a few of them have been able to garner a huge fan following. every year certain apps are listed quarter wise as some of the most highly downloaded apps in the industry. The apps can range from messenger, social media to entertainment and thus has a different fan base with the different target audience to cater to. thus the big question as of now is what is the most downloaded app? The answer is, tiktok.


When it comes to showing one’s talent in lipsyncing with music and dialogues, then tiktok is the app to download. Today tiktok is something that everybody must have heard of or must have come across a tiktok creation. It is just like a social media channel. Where one can form an account, create tiktok video and then post it on the tiktok stream and other social media platforms. The user can add many filters and effects to the videos to make them stand out. Posting daily and following other tiktok users, can make one also gain followers and become popular.

Other apps

After tiktok, there are several other apps like youtube, facebook, and Instagram. These are social media channels that have billions of users. As the social media frenzy is still quite fresh among people, it is no surprise that these apps are some of the most highly downloaded ones.