Build an army and win the world in commanders app

For the fans of action and military power games, there are many options to choose from. but none are like commanders app that one can find in the app stores. Commanders is an action-packed game that has the right amounts of elements from base building to war strategizing. In this game, the world is destroyed and one will have to take command of the situation and build the world back.

Build an army

In this game, one will be playing the role of a commander who needs to build the destroyed world and restore peace and order. One will have to harvest crops and resources and also use scientific ways to develop new world ammunitions and machines. As commander build troops and train them to go to war. The entire world is open, therefore choose proper paths and strategy to reach victory.

Fight and make allies

In the game, there will be changes when the gamer will have to fight the other armies who are life. Thus one can say that this game is well played in the online mode. in the game, one can go to war with online enemies or can create allies with live players. Simply win the world and create a place for oneself by moving from one level to another climbing the game leaderboards.