Take help from the hunt app to find that favorite outfit

Going through Instagram or any other app and suddenly there is this beautiful outfit in front without any buying source. What to do in such a situation? Simple go around and forget about that cute outfit or search incessantly through every store to get the same one. well, of course, the second one is what the majority of them do. But what if this conundrum of fashion can lessen and searching can become easier? Well, now this is possible with the hunt app.

Hunt that outfit

With crowdsourcing the hunt app, one can post a picture of the outfit that one is searching for, and let the crowd do the job of answering. Posting the outfit picture on the account means the other users of the app can check the picture, and if they know the answer then they can post the buying link. Simply click on the link and go to the website directly to buy.

This means the chances of someone having an answer heightens manifold. While scouring through the app one might also come across many outfits. Now with this app simply click on save later and check the same again when in a mood to buy.

Style me

There is also style me option in the application which can be used to get insight from others regarding fashion and styling. In this, the user can post a picture or selfie of themselves and wait for the other users to give some meaningful fashion tips.