Highest-grossing apps that you’ll find on the phones near you

There are a lot of applications that people use on a daily basis and to be fair most of the latest phone runs because of this application so that you can have your fun and actually stay smart while using the smartphones. However, if you check most of the people have few of the applications in their phones and those applications make to the highest grossing apps list and that is where all the famous applications know where they stand in the world in popularity.

What are the highest grossing apps?

Highest grossing applications are the application that you’ll find in the phones near you and most probably you might also have one or two applications in your phone itself.

  1. The first application to make it up to this list is the PUBG Mobile game which recently took everyone by the hype and this game is as popular as the people being popular on social media.
  2. Another similar game Garena Free Fire is one behind the online game PUBG and is 2nd in the list
  3. The third app you will find in phones near you is the coin master really useful for the people.

These are the top three highest grossing apps and the fun fact is that the online games are the one leading the list.